All You Can Ask 

Reidenbach & Associates' All You Can Ask™ program was designed to answer the many questions which lead homebuyers, realtors and investors to ask themselves during real estate transactions, "Do I need to hire an attorney?" We want to provide a middle ground for when the answer lies in the gray area between "yes" and "no." For $100, you can spend up to thirty minutes speaking with a seasoned member of our legal team, often within hours of your request. Read more about the All You Can Ask process below.

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Call the Reidenbach & Associates Wayne headquarters and schedule your All You Can Ask call with Sarah Domin. Sarah will share your information with our team of attorneys and schedule your call within hours. 

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Prior to your All You Can Ask call with one of our attorneys, Reidenbach & Associates will request you electronically sign a disclaimer document from our firm. Your $100 credit card payment will be processed in advance of your call. 

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Ask away

At your desired time, an attorney will call you to answer all of your questions within 30 minutes or less. Should you need additional counsel, an attorney-client relationship can be established.