Reidenbach & Associates, LLC, has a team of attorneys who can assist you with any litigation need.  However, we created our Condominium/HOA Mediation Practice Group because not every matter is suited to traditional litigation, and not every client has the budget or desire to litigate its claim in court. Unfortunately, litigation can be an expensive, adversarial, and time-consuming process. It also may erode the neighborliness at your community and subject homeowners to large special assessments to cover tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and administrative and court costs.

Mediation is usually a more efficient and affordable way to resolve the typical conflicts that arise in common-interest communities. Our attorney-mediators act as neutral third parties who will listen to all viewpoints and facilitate discussion between disputing parties without rendering a final judgment. Our goal is to enable the community members to settle even intense and protracted disputes amicably, quickly, and cost effectively. 

All mediators in our Condominium/HOA Practice Group are licensed attorneys who practice daily within this specific area of law. In fact, because condominium and homeowner association law is a niche practice area of Reidenbach & Associates, LLC, all our mediators are familiar with the latest case law. We have put our breadth of experience and knowledge in this practice area to good use by creating an informal but completely confidential process allowing for all opinions to be heard and disagreements to be resolved in a creative manner. 

We will work with you to create a budget that best serves your needs. We have assisted not only condominium and homeowner associations, but also declarant-developers, insurers, and individual homeowners who choose to engage in this alternative yet effective form of dispute resolution. Below is a sample list of the types of disputes that we regularly mediate for clients:

  • Violation of covenants and restrictions in the declaration

  • Violation of rules and regulations of the community and disputes between neighbors

  • Appeals from decisions of the association’s architectural review committee

  • Construction-defect claims by homeowners and/or the association against the declarant

  • Nonpayment of assessments and fines

  • Responsibility for maintenance, repair, and replacement of homes and the common elements

  • Governing issues, such as conduct of annual and board meetings, executive board decisions, voting, elections, and amendment projects

  • Fee disputes with vendors

  • Disagreements with the managing agent for the association or a decision to terminate the current managing agent and transition to new property management

Do not wait until litigation is your only option for conflict resolution. Call Reidenbach & Associates, LLC to speak with one of our attorneys in the Condominium/HOA Practice Group about your options. Our firm has 40+ years of combined experience in HOA/condominium law, and three of our attorneys were just voted by their peers to be among the Main Line’s Top Lawyers, as seen in the September 2017 issue of Main Line Today