Reidenbach & Associates, LLC, created its Pro Athlete Concierge Practice to meet the unique needs of professional athletes like you. We know that you will not stay with the same team or in the same city for your entire career. You and your family may need to move around often, perhaps even more than once within the same season. Our attorneys and staff are ready to assist you when any need or emergency arises. We will collaborate regularly with your agent, financial planner, realtor, family members, or other representatives to achieve the best result as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Here is a sample list of key services we provide to our clients on a regular basis:

  • Reviewing and negotiating favorable lease terms with athlete-specific provisions for the rental of a home or condominium
  • Negotiating an early exit when a lease needs to be broken due to a team trade or release
  • Advising clients on the purchase and sale of properties
  • Resolving title, mortgage, and other thorny issues that commonly derail real estate settlements
  • Drafting mortgage loan documents for private loans between our clients and their families
  • Reviewing letters of intent and non-disclosure agreements for client investment opportunities  
  • Negotiating sponsorship and other business agreements 
  • Helping clients to obtain financing for their residential and commercial projects
  • Forming legal entities (limited liability company, partnership, corporation, etc.)
  • Answering estate planning, trademark, and other intellectual property questions
  • Assisting those who do not want to hire an agent to negotiate their own player contracts and sponsorship deals

We understand an athlete’s hectic schedule and will meet or speak with you outside of regular office hours. We exercise total discretion in all our dealings on behalf of our Pro Athlete clients. Privacy is easy to maintain in our small firm, where information is only shared with a few necessary people. At large, national firms, hundreds of lawyers and their staff have access to your personal information.  Most importantly, all our attorneys have big-firm experience and excellent reputations, but we bill at small-firm prices. Our goal is to deliver high-quality yet cost-effective legal advice in an efficient manner. Our priority is to help you protect your and your family’s future wealth while helping you build your personal brand. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.