I’m President of a 115-unit self-managed townhouse community in Paoli, PA. Our HOA Board recently chose Reidenbach & Associates as our legal counsel. The level of service is outstanding and far exceeds what we were previously accustomed to. During the vetting process and over the past two months, I’ve been impressed with the professional, prompt and thorough attention to our questions and issues. I was stunned when I received a response within 15 minutes to an email sent at 8:45 p.m. Rachel provided specific details that answered my question. I anticipate a long relationship with Reidenbach & Associates as our legal counsel. Scott Reidenbach, Rob Shulman and everyone I’ve met or communicated with have been exceptionally personable and professional. I have total faith in the firm and know that we will be guided and represented exceedingly well.
— Cindy Dautrich, President, Weatherstone HOA Board
Serving with the Home Owners’ Association Board of The Point at Newton’s Landing has given me the opportunity to experience the legal services of Reidenbach & Associates’ Neil Hilkert. The members of the HOA Board and I have been very impressed with Neil’s legal expertise, professionalism, diligence, courtesy, and tenacity. He remains updated on every issue and event, as well as keeping all of us informed (even in layman’s terms) about each new development. Neil respects our opinions and concerns and answers all of our questions thoroughly. He remains in close touch with us through conference calls, emails, and personal contact. Thank you for allowing me to express our extreme pleasure in knowing that we are in such good hands.
— Judith Bramble
Scott Reidenbach and Reidenbach & Associates have given me immeasurable guidance on so many of my real estate transactions. Their competence and problem-solving has been invaluable to my business. I would highly recommend the entire Reidenbach team and I cannot thank them enough for their diligence and professionalism.
— Marie Henderson, Realtor
The work that Scott Reidenbach and his talented, passionate team delivered was marvelous. He knows and understands the needs of his clients. He gave me great confidence and comfort throughout the whole legal process. I was very appreciative of Scott Reidenbach and his team’s work and time on my case. I am blessed to have worked with Reidenbach & Associates, and they will always be my first recommendation for any legal needs.
— Nancy Zeng
I’ve had the pleasure of working with a Reidenbach & Associates in a number of different capacities and each one was handled in a professional and timely manner. I chose to work with Reidenbach & Associates because the larger law firms do not always produce big results, and I know that a trustworthy attorney is always a call away at Reidenbach & Associates. Scott Reidenbach and Rob Shulman have always provided my company, Brandywine Abstract Company, LP with above and beyond service and legal expertise. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone dealing with a commercial or residential real estate transaction.
— Christopher Leto, Vice President of Business Development, Brandywine Abstract Company, LP
Managing any business or consulting firm during these difficult times can be a real challenge.  Reidenbach & Associates, LLC, has provided us with valuable advice and services that cover a spectrum of issues including financial, employment, liability, risk management, and strategic planning. Reidenbach & Associates helps provide us with a future that is smooth sailing.
— William C. Wermuth, Vice President, Yerkes Associates, Inc.
Reidenbach & Associates were incredibly communicative and competent throughout each step of a legal issue we faced in PA. Interfacing with them was always a pleasure, giving me more confidence in their demeanor and ability each phone meeting. I’d highly recommend their firm.

— Trevor Collins, Co-Founder & CEO, 100 Danish
I’ve known Scott Reidenbach for over 20 years, and during that time, I’ve leaned heavily on his legal knowledge and expertise in many personal and professional situations. Without question, Scott is one of the most trusted, thorough and professional individuals that I’ve ever met. However, what truly makes Scott special is his personal touch and genuine sincerity with which he handles all of his clients. In situations where emotions can run high and where winning and losing seem like the only viable outcomes, Scott’s calm and steady hand always guides us through. Even as he’s continued to grow his very successful practice, he’s always made us feel that our cases are his most important ones. It’s been a pleasure to work with Scott and his exceptional team at Reidenbach & Associates over the last 10 years - we can’t imagine being in better hands!
— Justin Cupps, President, GANT North America
Our company has used Reidenbach & Associates’ services for various legal needs and for strategic council on an array of domestic and international matters. They have our complete trust in the quality of their advice - and, every outcome has been in our favor. What more can you ask for?
— Jeff Allen, President, Northwest Translations
Every interaction with anyone at Reidenbach & Associates was terrific. Scott followed up with me right away when I reached out looking for legal assistance. He listened to my concerns, answered all of my questions and eased my nerves. When I decided to work with Reidenbach & Associates, Scott connected me with a fantastic attorney on his team who was dedicated to my case. Lida asked questions, dug into details, had great ideas to move my issue forward and was happy to answer my many, many questions. It was very clear that Lida had great experience and knowledge that made her the perfect person for my case. Reidenbach & Associates will be my first phone call any time I need legal help in the future.
— Katie Frazier
The Reidenbach team has provided our condominium client communities with sound and good advice for many legal issues from debtor collections to developer litigation. Their wealth of knowledge, experience and guidance in the field of condominium living has led to many successful results. My experience with the Reidenbach team is very positive and would consider their legal services an asset to the management of a condominium community.
— Robert H. Wise, President, Robert H. Wise Management Co., Inc.
Scott Reidenbach knows and understands the needs of his clients as well as any attorney I know. He is an accomplished litigator, yet also takes the time to explain the process to his clients in terms they can understand. I have personally observed the way Scott conducts his business, and he will always be my first choice for real estate matters.
— David J. Colleran, Esq., The Colleran Firm
In handling the litigation against our builder and several subcontractors, Reidenbach & Associates understood all of our concerns, was ultra-responsive to our needs and was extremely strategic and businesslike in their thinking and handling of our case.
— Robert and Marie Welch, Media, PA